August 31, 2016

Our Story

At we're a team of 12 dedicated, driven individuals and we're brought together by passion for all things automotive that boarders on pure obsession!

It is this passion that has led us to create with the ambition of sharing the magic of obtaining beautiful vehicles with all. It was at a young age that I marvelled at anything with wheels and a motor, from bikes to hatchbacks, from V8's to utes.

I remember my first performance car like it was yesterday. I stayed up until three am watching an auction site and put in the winning bid. It felt like I had won the lottery and a glimmering 1980's sports car with more than a few love taps. It felt like I had won the lottery. And it was a long way into my life that I first got to experience the joy of a brand new car I could call my own. My true passion has always been immersed in octane and It has since been a passion of mine to want to share the feeling of stepping into that new car fragrance and creating all of those memories that come with a car that you simply just never forget.

For us cars are a huge part of life, and our mission is to bring bigger, better, more frequent campaigns and see more and more winners driving away with that new car feel.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy playing the XCars challenges and that as the campaigns get bigger and better, that cars that you stare at in adverts, showrooms and even posters will one day be delivered right to your driveway!

I always encourage any feedback to the team and I - we love talking about all things cars so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Be sure to visit back for ongoing introductions to the team, we look forwards to you getting to know us!

Anton, Founder