August 31, 2016


Who are We?
- are motoring enthusiasts in every sense of the words. The Creators of and have combined to bring passion and opportunity to all. We can be found on or!
How does it work?
Please see the overview on the home page, or our 'how to participate' video!
How much is it to participate and are there any special offers?

Spots are currently from $20 through to $100 depending on the prize but will reduce with time! For your first order we offer a first time $5 Discount! Simply enter discount code "newbie"! Keep an eye out for further refer-a-friend discounts that will be posted to our social network page!
How many tickets can I buy?

Tickets are limited to 15 per participant per campaign.
Will I get a receipt?

You will be emailed confirmation of your order/competition entry immediately after entering and completing payment. If you're a first time player, you'll also receive an email confirming your account log-in details. Details of all competitions you enter are displayed on the 'My Account' page.
What is the key item challenge and why do we use it?

We are legally obliged to use a 'game of skill' to determine the winner of our competitions - and explicitly not a lottery or raffle. We use the key item challenge as it's widely recognised (you might know it as 'x marks the spot' or 'spot the ball'), fun and an easy way to enter. You will be shown a photograph that does not contain an item which will be named in the competition. You must use your skill and judgement to decide where you think the centre of the key item should be. Your chosen points will be recorded as (x:y) coordinates which form your entry.
Why don't we just use the location of the item before it was removed?

The basis of the game must categorically be the skill of an entrant versus the skill of professionals - not versus the chance that the original spot of the key item on the picture is picked. It is a slight but important legal definition by which we are bound to operate. The Panel of judges is formed of experienced professionals on a rotating basis, consisting of subject matter experts relevant to the photograph. For example, a photograph of a rugby match with a ball removed from the image would see a panel of experienced rugby players or referees. Each panel member offers their best opinion. By using a panel of judges, it also ensures that nobody can ever know the original position of the ball, resulting in a process that is fair, transparent, audited and honest.
How is the winner decided?

At the end of the competition, the same key item picture used to choose your coordinates is shown to a judging panel comprised of professional subject matter experts. This is conducted in the presence of an independent lawyer. The experts mark where they think, in their professional opinion, the centre of the ball should be. The winner is simply the person who is closest to the judge's position.
What happens if more than one person is equidistant to the judges position?

There can only be one winner. If a case arises where two or more players are equally close to the judges position in a competition, the winner will be determined by calculating the next closest entry of the players in question if both players have more than one entry. The person with the closest second ticket is the outright winner. If any player in this scenario has only one ticket, all players that qualify will play in another Spot the Ball competition online to determine the outright winner. All other players who are runner ups in this scenario (ie the players with the equidistant entries in the first entry but do not win the tie-breaker) will receive $500 in cash. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions.
Do you help with insuring and servicing my dream car when I win?

We do! Depending on the value of the car won, BOTB will pay up to $2,000 towards insurance costs and up to $800 for servicing. See terms and conditions for full details Be sure to read the full terms and conditions.
Do you Deliver vehicles?

In the event of a winning entry, we will deliver your car Australia wide!
Will there be a winner to every car?

Yes! Although competitions run for a maximum of 6 months, it is anticipated that entry opportunities sell out long before then. Contests are judged within 20 days of the final entry position being sold!